I was born in Satu Mare, Romania. In 2015 I moved to Berlin to study at Humboldt University. My dissertation is written on the Modern and Postmodern Flâneuse in Literature. Since January 2020 I live in a mountain town in Switzerland, near Mt. Rigi.

I write articles on curation, art, ways of seeing, books, and transcribe interviews with friends and people who inspire me. Since 2017 I write a sci-fi novella entitled Travel to Edinburgh. In 2017 I stayed for a couple of nights at an Airbnb on Cockburn street in Edinburgh and this story popped into my mind. It’s a story about time travel, grief, identity. If you want to listen to the soundtrack I created for this novella, here is the link. Music helps me a lot in the process of world-building and character development.

Interviews & Podcasts

On Places for Thinking with Anna Gàt & Jonathan Hillis

On Flânerie (Interintellect Podcast)

Contact me on Twitter or book a 1:1 call with me via Calendly if you want to have a conversation.