The Curation Series

During this series we discussed essays from A Companion to Curation – a book that primarily addresses the unprecedented interest in contemporary art curating during the last 30 years and how the curatorial discourse has changed during this period.

Starts: June 19th

3 episodes: 8 pm Zurich – Saturday June 19th, Tuesday June 29th, Friday July 9th

1. Understanding the Curator – June 19th 8pm CET

In the first part of the series we will explore the history of curation, the role of the curator in museums/galleries/online, the skills and the experience required of a curator, and why are curatorial studies flourishing today. 

2. Copying the Curator – June 29th 8pm CET

In the second part of the series we will look at famous curators, favorite galleries and museums, and analyse the ways of curation from storytelling to the visual display of the objects/ideas. In this session we will focus on aesthetics of perception, ways of transmitting knowledge visually, interdisciplinary thinking, and how can we learn from past exhibitions in order to create our own. 

3. Becoming the Curator – July 9th 8pm CET

In the third part of the series we will discuss the museums of the future and we will embark on a spontaneous personal curatorial journey.

More information on the Interintellect website.

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