Ways of Curating

On the 2nd of April I will host this Interintellect salon. I wanted to explore the topic of curation since I visited two years ago the Swiss National Museum in Zürich and I got the change to attend the perfectly curated exhibition on scapegoating.

The word curation comes from the Latin word curare, meaning to look after. In Roman times, it meant to take care of the bath houses. In medieval times, it designated the priest who cared for souls. In the 18th century, it meant looking after collections of art. At this Interintellect salon we will look at the art of curation exploring different mediums of expression and different facets of life – from the online to the offline world. We will discuss about methods of selecting and curating the knowledge we find online and how can we know what is important and meaningful to us in a vast ocean of information.

Great to read or to watch pre-salon:

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